hot air balloon phoenix 10 sites to see from the air

Bright Hot Air Balloons Glowing at Night

Phoenix has many beautiful sites to see from the basket of a hot air balloon. Here is your guide to hot air balloon Phoenix attractions. The first flight technology that allowed a man to travel in the air, was the hot air balloon! It has been over 230 years since the first voyage in a hot air balloon. If you are looking for an unforgettable experience, consider riding across the sky in the basket of a hot air balloon in Phoenix. This is one experience you will not regret taking part in. Each ride has its own unique breathtaking view, which means no two hot air balloon rides are the same. The journey a hot air balloon takes you on is often described as surreal and peaceful. Some may even consider it to have a romantic feel, and be inspired to plan a proposal.

Hot Air Balloon in Phoenix

One of the most popular attractions for hot air balloon rides is watching the sunrise or sunset. The view from the basket in the sky is spectacular, and like nothing you've experienced before. As the sun rises or descends, you can watch as the colors change and crawl across the sky. Sunrises and sunsets aren't the only things to see with a birdseye view. Arizona is a beautiful state, with many stunning landscapes.

Sonoran Desert Preserve

Sonoran desert balloon

Sonoran Desert Preserve is one of the most common attractions for hot air balloon rides in the Phoenix area, and for good reason. There are 1000's of species of fauna, flora, and wildlife. The preserve boasts over 30 miles of trails, and more than 9,600 acres of land, in mostly undeveloped and wild desert terrain. You may be able to see Dixie Mountain, Apache Vista, or Ridgeback Overlook. You may get a chance to see the Sonoran pronghorn or a mule deer prancing around. Keep your eyes open for bobcats and coyotes too!

Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon can easily overwhelm our senses through its beauty and immense size. The Grand Canyon sports unique combinations of geologic color. It has erosional forms that decorate its landscape. The Grand Canyon river is 277 miles long, and up to 18 miles wide. As you float across its landscape you may find yourself catching your breath. You may be able to see elk, bison and bighorn sheep in the Grand Canyon National Park.

Route 66

Route 66 is actually known across the world. In Arizona, Route 66 crosses a desert painted with vibrant hues. It passes through the Badlands, which is often considered more picturesque than the Grand Canyon. Don't forget the stark contrast of the red plateaus against the blue sky. This famous road travels by petrified forests and past forests filled with vibrant life.

Sedona Red Rock Country

Red Rock Country is one of the most popular tourists’ sites in the United States. It is home to many beautiful formations like Cathedral Rock, Bell Rock, and the centerpiece of Red Rock Country - Oak Creek Canyon. It offers an incredibly diverse scenery that ranges from red desert rock to ponderosa pine forests and is actually part of the Coconino National Forest. The breathtaking natural sites in Sedona will create a unique visual experience for a hot air balloon ride.

McDowell Mountain Regional Park

The picturesque McDowell Mountain Regional Park will give you the perfect scenic views from the hot air balloon. The vibrant green of cacti contrast the browns and reds of the rock formations. This regional park is also home to an incredibly diverse list of wildflowers. From bright oranges to luscious violets and magentas, the landscape is painted with unrestrained vibrancy.

Camelback Mountain

The name of Camelback Mountian comes from the shape of the mountain, which resembles the back of a kneeling camel. Camelback Mountain has an elevation of 2,704 feet. It is formed from two separate red sedimentary rock formations. Camelback Mountian is primarily known for it's hiking trails. You may catch a glimpse of hikers on either of the two main trails.

Phoenix Metro Valley

Enjoy an aerial view of the city of Phoenix as you float along its skyline. This unique view of the city will give you a perspective that few are able to see. Watch as the sunrise reflects off the mirrored glass of the 3300 North Central Avenue building or the Arizona Center. Look for the Cityscape, which is a highrise mixed-use development area in Downtown Phoenix. Cityscape consists of hotels, offices, residential, and retail spaces.


The city of Tempe is just East of Phoenix. Another stunning aerial view of a metro area. Tempe is also home to beautiful botanical gardens, as well as geological clusters of rock. Keep your eye open for the Hayden Butte, which is a mountain in Tempe dotted with centuries-old rock art.

Tempe Town Lake

The City of Tempe is also known for its lake. The Tempe Town Lake is an artificial perennial reservoir and it is located just north of Tempe Butte. This means that its an irrigation tank that is replenished by perennial rainfall. This artificial reservoir is at the junction of the Salt River and the Indian Bend Wash in Tempe, Arizona.

Queen Creek

Queen Creek has many historical buildings that have been preserved. Keep your eye open for the Old Rittenhouse Elementary School or the Railroad Water Tank on Rittenhouse Road. This city also has many cultural attractions. Look for the Queen Creek Olive Mill, which is a family-owned company the produces high-quality extra virgin. Or look for the Horseshoe Park & Equestrian Centre, which holds many events on its grounds.

Planning Ahead for Your Hot Air Balloon Ride

Make sure to plan ahead for your ride in a hot air balloon in Phoenix. If you have a sunrise tour, they tend to leave quite early. Make sure to plan to get their early so you don't get left behind. Also, be aware that it does get very warm being in the sun for a couple of hours. Plan on dressing accordingly (and get that sunscreen on too!). Don't wait! Get your hot air balloon ride booked today! Or Call 602-402-8041