6 Arizona Hot Air Balloon Trips You Have to Check Out

6 Arizona Hot Air Balloon Trips You Have to Check Out

Are you looking for a new adventure? Why not get a new perspective of Arizona with one of the 6 Arizona hot air balloon rides rated the best choices.

There are many reasons to visit Arizona if you’ve never gone before. Besides taking in a change of scenery and enjoying the warm weather, you’ll have the opportunity to check out an Arizona hot air balloon trip.

If you’ve never considered a hot air balloon ride, there’s plenty of reasons to add it to your bucket list. Statistics show that over a ten year period, there were just 16 instances of fatalities from 2002 to 2012.

But is there a specific tour you should take? What’s the best company to go through? You likely have many questions but don’t know who to ask in the area and aren’t sure where to get started.

Check out these companies that allow you to tour Arizona and see the state from new heights. With careful research and an idea of where you’re going to, you can find the right balloon tour for you.

1. Rainbow Ryders Hot Air Balloon Ride in Phoenix

Phoenix is a popular destination for tourists to visit. While there’s no shortage of activities to do, there’s plenty of places to choose from when it comes to getting a quality hot air balloon ride.

Rainbow Ryders offers customers a pleasant experience, with high ratings to match. Folks can choose sunset or sunrise expeditions, or even get their own private ride. Weddings are even an option, making this an excellent choice for someone who wants to get married in a fun and memorable way.

There’s also a conservative champagne flute that you can take home to help you remember your trip into the sky.

2. Firebird Balloons in Phoenix

Firebird Balloons lives up to its colorful name with various brightly colored balloons, ensuring you’d never get lost in the sky. You can decide to have a private ride, get married in the sky, or have a small balloon trip with other folks.

If you’re not ready to commit to flying on your own, Firebird Balloons gives you the option to take a tethered balloon ride. This allows you to get a similar feeling, but without the height that comes with it.

Although the company is primarily based in Phoenix, they serve Chandler, Scottsdale, and Glendale as well. If you’re not sure what part of the state you’ll be in, this could provide you with plenty of options when you’re determined to take the balloon ride of your life.

3. Arizona Balloons Serving the Phoenix Area

Arizona Balloons gives you the option to choose a sunset or sunrise ride, allowing you to take in all the beauty Arizona has to offer. If you’d rather have your own private charter, that’s an option as well.

Like most companies, they have their own qualified pilot and make a point to fly only when it’s a completely safe and enjoyable experience. If you’re looking for a first-class trip, Arizona Balloons can accommodate you be it for fun or even as a team-building experience for work.

4. Arizona Hot Air Balloons in Phoenix

Although based in Phoenix, Arizona Hot Air Balloons services surrounding areas including Scottsdale, Tempe, Apache Junction, and Chandler, to name a few. Like the other companies, they offer sunrise and sunset flights.

If this is your first time flying, you can get a commemorative certificate for your experience, giving you something to remember. This is great for those new to the fun of ballooning or someone overcoming a fear of heights.

Sunset flights come with an enjoyable mini-meal, while sunrise flights offer a tasty breakfast.

5. Float Balloon Tours in Phoenix

By now you know that most hot air balloon companies offer flights in the early morning and evening, but Float Balloon Tours goes one above that. With a hot air balloon photography workshop, you can take advantage of all the sights you’d never get to see and capture them on film, thanks to their unique class.

You’ll have a professional photographer with you. This allows you to make the most of this unique experience and take advantage of everything a hot air balloon tour has to offer.

If you want something different, consider using Float Balloon Tours and see how far you can push your talents.

6. Equinox Hot Air Balloon Rides in Goodyear

Always wanted to go on a ride but the thought of the cost held you back? At Equinox Hot Air Balloon Rides, you can take advantage of tours that offer flights beyond two.

Mix with a third, fourth, or even a small group of passengers. You’ll get the chance to make some new friends while experiencing the world from a whole new vantage point.

This company also has a sweet backstory which involved finding (and rescuing) their future mascot, Chase. If you’re looking to support a company that puts customers first and gives back, this is a great choice to go with.

Discover More on Planning an Arizona Hot Air Balloon Trip

Now that you know where to look for an Arizona hot air balloon trip, you can feel confident about your choices. Go for a sunrise or sunset, or take friends and family with you and experience ballooning from new heights.

Arizona has more than cacti and desert to offer. You can find a beautiful view, amazing cloud formations, and sunsets, and feel at one with nature in a way you’ve never realized before.

Ready to learn more about planning your trip to Arizona? See how we can help you get started and check out our blog.