Best Places in the World to Experience a Hot Air Balloon Ride

Looking to take your hot air ballooning adventures international? Here are the best places in the world for riding hot air balloons.

Who didn’t grow up wanting to take a ride in hot air balloons? Whether it was reading about Fogg’s frantic dash around the world, or following  adventure, there has always been something magical and enticing about a hot air balloon.

Wouldn’t you agree? 

Experience the Joy of Flight From a Unique Perspective with Air Balloons

That being said, location also plays a part, because taking a trip above your own concrete jungle, while undoubtedly exhilarating, will lack the mind-blowing spectacle of a ride around the Serengeti, or above the romantic waterways of Venice.

Sure, your own location plays a part, but let’s be honest, a hot air balloon ride deserves a location that goes beyond nice, and into the category of stunning.

That being said, let’s take a look now at some of the best places in the world for a hot air ballooning adventure.

Turkey is an Air Ballooning Paradise

If you want to experience something truly breathtaking, then a hot air balloon ride above Turkey should place high up on your ballooning bucket list.

In particular, a ride above the Goreme National Park in Cappadocia is a thrilling way to spend an afternoon. Riding high above the stunning rock formations and ‘fairy chimneys’ is a surefire way to build up a set of memories that will last a lifetime and beyond.

Myanmar Offers a Truly Wonderful Experience

Drifting high above the mountains, villages or if you can, the ancient city of Bagan, whose idyllic pagodas offer a truly unique experience. The majesty and spiritual wonder of this 11th-century city will not be lost on anybody that makes this tremendous journey. Myanmar is an amazing country, with lots of offer, and a ballooning adventure is just the way to cap off your adventure. 

Africa Offers some of the Best Opportunities for Fans of Air Balloons

When it comes to adventures and air balloons, the African continent surely has to be one of the number one destinations in the world. There is just so much history, heritage, and majesty to this part of the world that needs to be experienced to be understood.

Masai Mara National Reserve Brings you Close to a Million Animals 

It is said that over one million zebras and wildebeest travel through this park every year. Can you imagine a better way to see this site than by a hot air balloon? Drifting free above the wonders of nature and experience a safari unlike anything else. A costly excursion, but more than worth the price of admission.

Get a Bird’s Eye Perspective of the Serengeti

Tanzania is home to arguably one of the spectacles of the moderns world. The sweeping plains of the Serengeti. If you are lucky to get the opportunity, seeing this beautiful landscape from the air is a powerful experience that you will never forget. Hot air balloons offer you a truly unique way to see the greatest of African creatures and rightfully makes it one of the best places to head to for an adventure.

You Don’t Need to Travel for a Thrilling Adventure

So far, you have heard about the delights of the African sub-continent and the ancient villages of Myanmar, but you don’t need to travel far and wide to find a hot air adventure.

There are plenty of opportunities for you to take to the skies and experience something truly special.

Hot air ballooning is a far more commonplace experience than many people may think. Why? Because it is so special.

That may sound a little strange, but there are no means of transportation that can equate to the peace and tranquility of a hot air flight.

You could try looking at any of these locations near you.

New England Balloon Trips

What is more eye-catching than fall in New England? There are companies that offer specialized balloon trips around Maine, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire. Even if you live in the area, this presents a great chance for you to see things from a different perspective.

New Mexico Offers a World Famous Air Balloons Experience

Albuquerque hosts the International Balloon Fiesta every year, bringing air balloons from the world over. Even if you cannot manage to arrange a ride during this party, just being there and seeing the balloons take flight is an experience to treasure.

Napa Valley is More than Just Wine Country

When you think of Napa, you think of Cabernet and Chardonnay, and while that is certainly what this gorgeous section of California is best known for, you can also take a ride on hot air balloons. If you really wanted to do Napa in style, then you could start your day with a balloon ride, and finish it with some wine tasting.

A Balloon Ride Over the Grand Canyon Will Leave You Speechless

If there is one place on earth that provides a breathtaking look at the wonders of mother nature, it is the Grand Canyon. Just imagine taking to the skies, air balloons bringing you to a place that offers you a truly once in a lifetime experience.

Full disclosure, a balloon ride over the Grand Canyon is not cheap, and but it is certainly worth the money.

Hot Air Balloons – A Common Luxury

While they are a commonplace sight nowadays, there remains something luxurious and special about balloon flight.

It is one of those types of transportation that could never be mainstream or functional beyond reasons of pure enjoyment, and because of that, it remains untouched and untainted by our perpetual search for increased efficiency and speed.

Taking a trip in an air balloon is not only a memory making moment, but it is a chance to step back and away from the pressures of the world. To take a step back into a more peaceful and quiet time. Reflect and relax while your drift atop the world.

With this much to be gained from a flight, you have to wonder, does it really matter where you are when you rise to the heights of heat and air? The truth is no, but that being said, some places will always outshine others purely because of the breadth of the spectacle they offer.

If you have not ridden in balloons yet, then now is the time to change it.