A Guide To Dressing Comfortably For Hot Air Balloon Flights

Dressing Comfortably For Hot Air Balloon Flights

To fully enjoy your hot air balloon ride, dressing appropriately is key. Check out our guide to dressing comfortably for hot air balloon flights.

Before people head up, up, and away in their romantic hot air balloon flights, it’s important to outline the correct dress code.

What you wear to an event such as riding in a hot air balloon really matters.

It also depends on what time of year you wish to participate in hot air balloon flights.

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Read on to discover what you need to wear in order to feel the most comfortable on your journey into the sky.

Outfits For Hot Air Balloon Flights In the Summer

If you plan on riding in a hot air balloon during the summer months, consider the location you take off in.

Are you traveling in an area such as Phoenix, Arizona that is typically warm? You’ll need to dress in the right clothes for that climate.

The higher you travel into the sky, the more likely the weather will change dramatically with the increase in altitude. Even though the weather could feel hot during most of the day, you can experience cooler temperatures as you move through the air.

Make sure your outfit is as flexible as the weather will be. Be prepared for sudden changes in temperature with the right clothing and accessories depending on the location you choose.

Some more accessories to consider taking with you on your hot air balloon flight is a hat and sunglasses.

While the sun is still out blazing away, you will need to protect your skin from the rays that you will inevitably be closer to as you make your way into the air. You don’t want to miss out on getting the most joy from your trip by not bringing the right accessories during the summertime.

Outfits For Hot Air Balloon Flights In the Winter

The wind-chill is something you must consider if you plan on taking a hot air balloon ride during the winter months.

In places such as Scotland where the weather is typically in the lower 50s, you will want to wear a heavy coat and boots. If your trip takes place anywhere near the mountains, you should also consider wearing a scarf and earmuffs for added protection.

There are long dark winter evenings to think about when you travel to a destination that is cold for a hot air balloon ride, too. Watching the sunset over the mountains will be quite the experience to remember if you dress the part. When the sun does start to set, you can bundle up in your thick coats to enjoy the remainder of your hot air balloon ride in a warm and cozy state.

Don’t skimp on the layers because once you are up in the sky, there is no turning back for at least a few hours. It’s best to bring more and slowly remove the layers as the day goes on. You don’t want to be stuck in the sky while the temperature drastically drops!

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The layers you wear will be your best approach to handling the switching temperatures in a moderate climate. If the weather is warmer during the afternoon and then changes to feeling a shift in temperature, you can easily remove the winter coat you bring with you.

Keep Your Expensive Clothes At Home

We do not recommend wearing your most valuable items while on your journey through the sky.

As one prepares for their ultimate hot air balloon flights, it’s important to note what types of clothes they decide to put on.

If you are a woman, you may not want to wear a skirt or a dress for your hot air balloon ride as the winds will pick up over time.

Eliminate the stress of holding down your skirt every five minutes and choose some comfortable pants instead. The basket will also pose a potential issue if you have on a skirt or dress when you get in and out of it.

You may be tempted to put on a gorgeous new dress, but we recommend you find an alternative combination that will be acceptable for the duration of your air ride. You could always wear a comfortable pair of dress pants for the occasion.

Save your most expensive items for a dinner out after enjoying one of the finest hot air balloon flights of your life.

Also, no matter what time of the year you plan on venturing out for a hot air balloon ride, we recommend headgear of some type.

Accessories to Bring for Your Hot Air Balloon Ride

Men usually prefer to wear ball caps while ladies will be comfortable in wide brim hats of their choice. Heat will eventually radiate down from the top of the balloon which can lead to an uncomfortable rise in temperature that most people report feeling from time to time.

When it comes to shoes, you also need to be particular about the footwear you have on during your hot air balloon excursion. We don’t want anything to happen to your feet throughout your experience. Preparing for your ride means wearing the right footwear.

As for the correct footwear, we do recommend that you wear closed-toe shoes.

Wearing flat sole shoes is also your best plan because you will be jumping in and out of the basket. Super high-heels are not recommended for this hot air balloon journey. You do not want to trip while exiting the basket.

Creating a problem-free environment will make your trip that much more enjoyable, so leave the heels at home!

Learn More about Hot Air Balloons

If you are interested in learning more about hot air balloon flights around the world, feel free to reach out to us at any time.

We hope that reading this article provides you with a better look at what types of clothing you need to wear during the summer and winter months in order to have the best hot air balloon flights.

Of course, our team is devoted to helping you enjoy the most out of your hot air balloon experience so continue reading more content posted on our helpful blog page!

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