7 Reasons to Book an Air Balloon Ride This Summer

7 Reasons to Book an Air Balloon Ride This Summer

Do you want to do something exciting this summer? You should go on an air balloon ride. Click here for 7 reasons to book an air balloon ride this summer.

Heat waves have been sweeping the country all summer, especially in the southwest where temperatures are regularly exceeding 100°F.

To beat the heat, people are clamoring for the beach, swimming pools, and anyplace that has air conditioning. If you’re one of those people who feel like these places are now too crowded, take to the empty skies for a relaxing hot air balloon ride.

Getting into a hot air balloon might seem like the wrong choice in the summer but, in reality, summer’s one of the best times to go. The temperature change isn’t as shocking and the days are longer.

Beyond getting away from the crowds, there are so many reasons to book an air balloon ride this summer.

See Things From a New Perspective

air balloon ride Phoenix

Perhaps you think it won’t be interesting to take a hot air balloon ride to see your own city. You see it every day.

However, once you travel high enough, you’ll be struck by the new angles at which you can see your city’s buildings, parks, homes, and roads. You’ll notice things about your city that you could never have noticed from the ground.

Don’t just appreciate the view once you get up there.

One of the most incredible feelings in the world is watching the ground, and all the people on it shrink away from you as you ascend into the sky.

Seeing the world from 1,500 feet gives you a new perspective about how small we are on this planet and our place in it.

Make the Occasion Romantic

romantic hot air balloon ride

A hot air balloon ride is the perfect way to make the outing with that special someone romantic. Watching the sunrise or sunset while snuggled up with your loved one makes saying “I love you” that much more romantic.

Booking a ride on a hot air balloon is the perfect way to keep the romance going on a date or anniversary.

If you’re ready to pop the question to your partner, proposing on a hot air balloon will take their breath away! Proposing on a hot air balloon ride has become increasingly popular as couples are looking to make huge statements when they pop the question.

Take Instagram-Worthy Photos

hot air balloon selfie

If you want photos that will get you tons of likes on Instagram and Facebook, you need to go on a hot air balloon ride. No doubt you’ll want pictures of other hot air balloons around you as a selfie.

Some of the key photos we recommend you take are of the balloon inflating (a process that takes nearly 30 minutes), the balloon ascending (a video would be great, too!), you in the basket, the landscape below, and the sunrise/sunset.

Most people find the camera on their smartphone is sufficient for capturing their hot air balloon trip. However, bringing a point and shoot or DSLR can allow you to capture more detail. Just ensure you have a sturdy camera strap.

Remember, be courteous of other people in the basket. Allow your fellow balloon occupants space at the rim of the basket so they can get their photos, too.

Appreciate the Sunrise/Sunset

Many hot air balloon operators create their schedules to coincide with the sunrise and sunset. The temperatures are cooler during these times, plus the changing light makes the ride more romantic and breathtaking.

As the sun rises, be sure to take in the silhouettes the sun creates in the surrounding landscape and buildings in the city. If you’re in the right position, you’ll be able to take advantage of the early glowing light for your photographs.

Sunset is also considered a golden hour for photographs. In addition to the photos of the colorful sunset, be sure to snap photos of the sunlight dancing over the fields and trees.

Embrace the Silence

One thing few people realize is that hot air balloon rides are quite quiet.

The pilot will obviously use the burner to reach your cruising altitude, but once you’ve reached that height, he’ll shut it off. Once the burner is off, you’ll be amazed at how

Once the burner is off, you’ll be amazed at how quiet and serene it is in the air. You can’t hear the drone of cars or peoples’ chattering.

We’re sure you’ll never want to leave once you’ve experienced that kind of silence.

Do remember your pilot might need to turn on the burner every now and again to regain altitude.

Conquer Your Fear of Heights

If you fear heights, you may be thinking “no way am I getting in that hot air balloon.” However, if you’ve been looking for a way to conquer your fear of heights, a hot air balloon ride might just be what you need.

Being in a hot air balloon involves a slow introduction to heights. The balloon rises slowly, so there’s no jarring realization you’re going too high.

Also, the ride is very smooth inside the large basket. You won’t experience the sensation of feeling like you’ll fall out of the balloon.

Finally, you’ll have the quiet skies and beautiful views to distract you as you float through the sky. How could you possibly think about how high up you are when you can see the landscape for miles around?

Make Some Friends on Your Air Balloon Ride

While some people go on a balloon ride for a romantic experience, others go because it’s something they’ve always wanted to do or because they want to see the world from above.

Going on a ride in a hot air balloon is a wonderful opportunity to meet new people. Visitors will come from all over the country, and sometimes even the world, to go hot air ballooning in other places.

Even if you don’t plan on keeping in touch with the people you meet in your balloon, making those brief connections is what makes us human.

What Are You Waiting For?

Before you know it, summer will have gone, and you will have missed your opportunity for a hot air balloon ride.

If you have questions about hot air ballooning in general or want to make reservations for your balloon ride, get in touch with us.